Closebye / Sinai Vessel / Bendrix Littleton / Julie Odell

Sat, Jan 27
Static Age Records
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8:00 PM


8:30 PM

indie folk rock


New York, NY
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Closebye, the Dallas-hailing, New York-based band formed by Jonah Paul Smith and Julian Paint Smith during high school, bonded over an orange juice incident and later founded the band in New York more

Sinai Vessel

Asheville, NC
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Caleb's music, with help. Avl NC.

Julie Odell

Asheville, NC
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Julie Odell is an Asheville via New Orleans singer-songwriter. Her music is folky, dreamy, and soulful, marked by her powerful, peculiar vocals, detailed textures, and an instinct for immediate more

Bendrix Littleton

Dallas, TX
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Bendrix Littleton is the writing and recording project of Dallas musician / producer Bennett Littlejohn.