DirtBike / Secret Guest / Lawndry / Lion Country Ferrari

Fri, Jul 26
Static Age Records
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8:00 PM


8:30 PM

Sick Lineup with some of the best bands doing it today.

DIRTBIKE from FL. SECRET GUEST from Charleston, SC.

LAWNDRY from Nashville, and Asheville homies LION COUNTRY FERRARI.

Stacked bill not to be missed!


Boynton Beach, FL
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Boynton Beach, FL Band. All music written and recorded by Mark DuBois.

Secret Guest

Charleston, SC
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The brainchild of the one and only legendary Brett Nash (Band of Horses, Gold Light, 2 Slices, and countless others). From beautiful and breezy Charleston, SC. adult punk contemporary


Nashville, TN
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Lawndry was formed on a floating house in Nashville in 2015. A collective of five friends who share the same obsession for adventurous sounds, Lawndry is ready to bend your ear.

Lion Country Ferrari

Asheville, NC
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bedroom egg-punk