Gold Light / Lawndry / Elijah Raymer (Good Trauma solo)

Fri, Dec 22
Static Age Records
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8:00 PM


9:00 PM

Gold Light homecoming show from Southern Winter Tour 2023

Lawndry from Nashville

Elijah Raymer (of Good Trauma) solo set

Gold Light

Asheville, NC
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Tracking through cinematic tales of heartache, love and loss while bouncing between genres from 50’s rock and roll to post-punk to classic country, Gold Light becomes a catchall for Joe Chang’s more


Nashville, TN
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Lawndry was formed on a floating house in Nashville in 2015. A collective of five friends who share the same obsession for adventurous sounds, Lawndry is ready to bend your ear.

Good Trauma

Asheville, NC
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Music project of Eli Raymer with help from some friends.

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