Jessie and the Jinx / R. Hundro / Gull / Natrual Blk Invention

Wed, Jun 19
Static Age Records
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8:00 PM


9:00 PM

Locals country outfit JESSIE and the JINX w/ R. HUNDRO, NATURAL BLK INVENTION, and GULL.

Jessie & the Jinx

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Haunty tonk country western 2 steppin originals written and sung by an angel herself.

R. Hundro

New York, NY
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songwriter / bandleader in NYC; Fievel Is Glauque, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Perfect Angels, OSR label [2007-17]; "la Loi" [current imprint]

Natural Blk Invention

Johnson City, TN
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Dub techno, jungle, video game sound crafter from East TN by way of Asheville.


Richmond, VA
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Nathaniel Rappole’s solo project, GULL, was conceived on an endangered wildlife preserve in Front Royal, VA in 1999, and has been publicly active since 2007. GULL has recorded a 7", 6 EPs, 3 full more