Punchlove / Trust Blinks / Dish / Soot

Fri, Mar 08
Static Age Records
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8:00 PM


8:30 PM

For the five members of Punchlove -- multi-instrumentalists Jillian Olesen, Ethan Williams, Joey Machina, Ian Lange-McPherson, and visual artist Viz Wel--moving into a maze of a house in Brooklyn together was the transition that created the album they had been writing their whole lives. Quietly evolving from a bedroom project to a headlining live phenom, Punchlove gears up a densely layered bed of emotionally serrated pain-pop songs that coalesce around a digitally-stimulated, emotional brand of modern neo-shoegaze.

SOOT (Nashville, TN)
Soot draws influence from Nashville's rich musical history and incorporates alternative elements into their rock songs to produce a dynamic and enthralling aural experience. Their songs deftly combine intense guitar riffs, pounding rhythms, and evocative lyrics to transport listeners to a setting where emotions are strong and boundaries are stretched.

With local slowcore rockers TRUST BLINKS and DISH.


Brooklyn, NY
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basement sound and video experiments in brooklyn.

Trust Blinks

Asheville, NC
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Slowcore alternative folk from Asheville.


Asheville, NC
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plates of fodder / alt indie jazz slowcore


Nashville, TN
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American rock musician Soot, who is from the thriving city of Nashville, has made a name for themselves in the Alternative Rock genre. Soot's raw and gritty sound gives the genre a new, energizing vit...read more

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