Reviler / Chained / No Grave / Lucky Feeling / L.O.C.

Sun, Jun 23
Static Age Records

8:00 PM


8:30 PM

REVILER: heavy metallic hc from Greenville, SC /

CHAINED: greensboro heavy hc

NO GRAVE: Ohio heavy metallic hc

LUCKY FEELING: hc punk from Raleigh, NC

L.O.C. avl metalcore

Loss Of Consciousness

Asheville, NC
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Asheville metalcore.


Greensboro, NC
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NC heavy hc

Lucky Feeling

Raleigh, NC
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NC hc punk


Greenville, SC
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Formed in just 2022, South Carolina’s REVILER have swiftly accelerated their brand of high energy heavy metallic hardcore onto the regional scene. Following in line with their influences, HATEBREED, more

No Grave

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Hailing from Southern, Ohio, NO GRAVE (Formerly Greater Vision) is bound to break through onto the scene with a furious conviction with their abrasively heavy style of metallic hardcore. Comprised more