Ruin Lust / Diabolic Oath / Harsh Realm

Mon, Feb 05
Static Age Records
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8:00 PM


8:30 PM

Black Death Metal featuring touring acts Ruin Lust from NY and Diabolic Oath from Oregon, with locals Harsh Realm.

Ruin Lust

Brooklyn, NY
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New York’s Ruin Lust have spent the better part of the last decade spreading a drape of black violence across the dank basement corners of the deepest underground. Though temporarily dormant after more

Harsh Realm

Asheville, NC
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Death Doom Metal "As the album title suggests, the record reeks of disgusting ambiance, tones that'll turn your insides out, and an incurable infection of groove and melody that'll keep you smashing more

Diabolic Oath

Portland, OR
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Portland, OR-based bestial esoteric black/death metal sorcerers Diabolic Oath are back with another annihilating chapter in their unrelenting conquest of the outer limits of total sonic bedlam. This more