Squeamish / Wastoid / Tympanic Rupture

Thu, Dec 14
Static Age Records
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8:00 PM


9:00 PM

Hardcore featuring some of the area's finest!


Atlanta, GA
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Squeamish was founded in 2019 in Decatur, GA. Starting as a “digital punk band", the six piece combined their production skills to produce industrial, punk-forward sounds, while hinting influences fro...read more


Charlotte, NC
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WASTOID– undoubtedly one of the Charlotte hardcore/ DIY scene’s most beloved and recognizable bands. With three Spotify album releases in 2022, including Government Sanctioned Weaponized Fem Boys, Bur...read more

Tympanic Rupture

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Gabber/digital grind infused with minimalistic harsh noise from the Appalachian mountains.

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