Thra / Urine Hell / Weight Shift

Sat, Aug 24
Static Age Records
$15.00 / $15.00
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8:00 PM


9:00 PM

THRA - Death sludge from PHX, AZ

URINE HELL - (Chicago) "This is as fucked of a listen as you can find. Soundtrack to late stage capitalism? For fans of hating yourself, being dejected, and being a curmudgeon."
-- Mutant Autopsy blog

WEIGHT SHIFT - Heavy metal fantasy sludge from AVL


Phoenix, AZ
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Arizona Death Sludge From the burning sands of Arizona, Thra is a four piece extreme metal band that takes their influence from death, grind, doom, and sludge metal. The band was formed by more

Urine Hell

Chicago, IL
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Metal up yr pee hole!

Weight Shift

Asheville, NC
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avl doom heavy sludge fantasy